Settlersway M2 Hospital Bend Upgrading

Settlersway M2 Hospital Bend Upgrading




The Hospital Bend Interchange upgrade consisted of the following key elements:

  • Widening of Rhodes Drive (M3) inbound 
  • Pre-selection Lane from M3 (inbound) to Hospital Bend
  • Widening of the Joyce Newton Thompson Bridge and upgrading of the M3/N2 outbound intersection
  • Upgrading of Anzio Road on- and off-ramps,
  • Widening of Hospital Bend/M3 outbound lane 
  • New overpass bridge for Anzio Road.
  • New pre-selection Lane from Upper De Waal Drive (M3) to Hospital Bend (outbound)
  • Realignment and widening of the N2/M3 inbound carriageway between Eastern Boulevard and Upper De Waal Drive
  • Resurfacing of the existing road, upgrading of the storm water system and installation of streetlighting 
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