Saldanha Boat Yard

Saldanha Boat Yard




This contract comprised two key components, one being the construction of a 110m long quay wall with slipway (-2.5m MSL) and the second being the construction of the boat park buildings, which included a 3-storey office block for the Special Forces Regiment stationed at Langebaan. 

The sequencing of these two components was technically demanding due to the proposed buildings being located on the edge of the high-tide water line. This necessitated the completion of the quay wall before building work could commence on the boat park complex.

The quay wall was constructed with precast concrete elements founded on a mass concrete foundation at a depth varying between 4m – 8m. 2 Marine columns with caisson footings were constructed and anchored into the bed rock so as to act as support to the boat park buildings. 

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